Coffee Coffee prices today 10/11: Slight fluctuations in the first...

Coffee prices today 10/11: Slight fluctuations in the first session of the week, 2 reasons will help Robusta coffee prices increase


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On the world market, coffee prices decreased simultaneously. Accordingly, Coffee prices today 10/11 in London delivered in 11/2020 reached 1,327 USD / ton after falling 0.23% (equivalent to 3 USD) compared to yesterday’s transaction.

In New York, the price of arabica coffee in December 2020 traded down to 106.85 US cents/pound, down 0.09% (equivalent to 0.10 US cents) compared to the previous session.

Brazil is squeezing the global arabica coffee market as its beans flood the ICE Futures exchange stocks for the first time. This is a move that could cause small producers to exit the market and put pressure on the price of standard coffee.

The world’s top coffee grower has long been able to provide large quantities of affordable coffee to the mass market. The coffee is harvested mechanically and with cheap processing methods, thus offering lower production costs than its competitors.

When the total coffee output increases, Brazil promotes the improvement of the quality of arabica beans. Currently, Brazil is shifting a substantial amount of excess coffee to the US futures market.

The data showed that Brazilian coffee in ICE futures stocks soared to 88,294 bags from the previous 650 bags, increasing total stocks to 1.1 million bags from their lowest levels in 20 years. according to Reuters.

In Di Linh district (Lam Dong), today coffee prices were purchased at 32,700 VND / kg. In Bao Loc district (Lam Dong), Lam Ha (Lam Dong) the price of coffee was at 32,800 VND / kg.

In Cu M’gar district (Dak Lak), the price of coffee today is 33,200 VND / kg. In Ea H’leo district (Dak Lak), Buon Ho (Dak Lak), today coffee prices are purchased at the same level of 33,300 VND / kg.

Similarly in Dak Nong province, coffee prices today purchased at 33,200 VND / kg in Gia Nghia and Dak R’lap).

In Gia Lai province, today’s coffee price is 33,100 VND / kg (Chu Prong), in Pleiku and La Grai the same price is 33,000 VND / kg. Today, coffee prices in Kon Tum province are purchased at 32,900 VND / kg. Thus, the price of coffee in the country this morning went sideways, down slightly by 100 VND / kg in some localities.

According to the Department of Agro-Processing and Market Development, domestic coffee prices in the coming time are expected to continue their upward trend, because complicated weather in Central and Central Highlands is the main cause of revenue. The supply narrows, the late-ripening of coffee due to heavy rains pushes the harvest time further.

In addition, the Covid-19 epidemic in the world countries continues to be complicated, the social exclusion order in countries boosting the demand for coffee at home is a factor to subsidize Vietnamese coffee in the short term. term.

Agreeing with the above statement, recently, the Import and Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) forecasts that in the short term, Robusta coffee prices will increase due to unfavorable weather factors in Vietnam, plus the Covid-19 epidemic is raging. The practice causes countries to reintroduce the social gap.

Ending the session this morning (Vietnam time), the price of Robusta coffee in London decreased by 3 USD / ton (0.23%) delivered in November 2020, traded at 1,327 USD / ton, delivered in March 2021 decreased. $ 2 at 1,361. Meanwhile, on the exchange of New York in the US, the price of Arabica coffee delivered in December 2020 decreased 0.1 cent / lb (0.09%) at 106.85 cents / lb, and delivered in March 2021 increased 0, 1 cent / lb (0.09%) to 109.55 cents / lb.

In the last week, London market had 3 decreasing sessions and 2 gaining sessions. Robusta coffee futures for spot delivery in January decreased by all 1 USD (0.07%), down to 1,350 USD / ton, while futures for delivery in March increased by all 4 USD (0.29%), to 1,363 USD. / ton, very slight decreases / increases.

In contrast, New York market had 3 gaining sessions and 2 decreasing sessions. Arabica coffee futures for immediate delivery in December increased all 2.55 cents (2.44%), to 106.95 cents/lb, and futures for March delivery increased all 2.6 cents (2.43%). , to 109.45 cents/lb, increases are significant.

Coffee prices today 10/11 in Vietnam

TT kernel bucket Average price Change
FOB (HCM) 1,482 Subtract: +135
Coffee priceDak Lak 33,200 -100
Lam Dong 32,700 -100
Gia Lai 33,100 -100
Dak Nong 33,100 -100
pepper 54,500 0
Exchange rate USD / VND 23,090 0
Unit of measure: VND / kg FOB: USD ($) / ton

Robusta coffee prices transactions in London

Period Price Change % change Mass Tallest The shortest Open door Open contract
11/20 1327 -3 -0.23% 7 1327 1327 0 2388
01/21 1347 -3 -0.22% 6224 1369 1341 1352 43547
03/21 1361 -2 -0.15% 2916 1381 1357 1368 26441
05/21 1374 -2 -0.15% 971 1395 1370 1381 13211
Unit: USD ($) / Ton Coffee priceTrading unit: lot = 10 tons

Arabica coffee prices traded in New York

Period Price Coffee price Change % change Mass Tallest The shortest Open door Open contract
12/20 106.85 -0.1 -0.09% 26289 109.35 106.35 107.35 71414
03/21 109.55 +0.1 +0.09% 23830 112 109.1 110.15 94000
05/21 111.35 +0.15 +0.13% 10715 113.7 110.95 111.8 34954
07/21 113 +0.1 +0.09% 6822 115.35 112.6 113.45 32850
Unit: USD Cent / lb 1USD = 100cent 1Lb ~ = 0.45Kg Trading unit: lot = 37,500 lb


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